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Often, at weddings, my assistant will hear from a guest or bridesmaid that she wishes she had know about us for her wedding photography. She says her photographer was mean and very demanding. I see this as evidence that the photographer is either not completely prepared to deal with all the surprises a wedding day can offer, or they are more interested in building thier own portfolio than assisting in making sure the bride has a wonderful wedding day.

I work hard to keep a smiling face and upbeat attitude all day long at your wedding. No matter what little emergencies come up, I will strive to make the best of what we are offered. Also, I bring a sewing kit, extra pins, chalk to cover a small stain on the dress and a multi-tool knife for "who knows what" might happen. I work with the bride prior to the wedding to warn her of common pitfalls that might occur and offer her ideas on managing those scenarios.

I help plan our time for the day. When will we do portrait sessions, when will I concentrate of photojournalistic and candid images. We discuss every detail beforehand, not to create a rigidly structured day, but to help us understand each other's expectations and how we can make the best of whatever happens on that special day.

Remember, your photographer is with you all day. From the time you put on your dress until you toss that garter, he is right there. Make sure you can be happy with his demeanor as well as his images. I work extremely hard to be that kind of photographer. To see smiles through my lens all day, I need to be smiling back at you!



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Wedding Services

No limit to the number of previews, only the time I am there limits what I can shoot.

  • Images placed online and CD previews ready by Thursday after your wedding.

  • Slideshow of all wedding images presented during the reception.

  • Bride and Groom's Wedding page on our website.  Free service for every bride.

  • Designer Albums, custom designed in studio.

  • If you order a Designer Album , a preview of your album design shown on web before printing.



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a la carte pricing

In addition to fixed packages.  You may now select the hours of coverage you want, and everything else is optional and paid as you make purchases.

Here's how it works:

  • Make a tentative selection for the number of hours you need us and place a $300 retainer to reserve your date.

  • Select or add an engagement, bridal or sunset session at any time, pay 50% of the fee at booking and the final 50 % when you pick up your order.

  • Pay the balance of the hourly coverage 20 days prior to your wedding.

  • For Montage Designer Albums, pay 1/3 down when ordering, 1/3 when you preview the design and the final 1/3 when your album is ready.  For all other albums, pay 1/2 down and 1/2 when the album is ready.


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Pre-Wedding Planning

     I meet with the bride and groom several times before the wedding when possible.  Our final (and most important) meeting is the itinerary planning session.  At this time, we finalize all details regarding timing, image styling and locations.  At the end of the session, I present you with a detailed Photography Itinerary of the day's photography schedule.  I make sure this meeting is 20 to 30 days prior to your wedding to give you time to be sure these details are the way you want them and you can make photocopies to give to families and wedding party members so they won't be late.


Another pre-wedding service is my Wedding Couple Page on my website where you can post information about your upcoming wedding.  Ideas are:  maps to church and reception, lodging information with phone numbers, your gift registry locations and special thanks to all your friends and family members that helped out.  I am happy to include personal messages to your friends and families.  Include a story on how you met or a favorite poem.  Changes and updates e-mailed to me will be made within 2 days.



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Wedding Images   

I combine traditional portraiture with a photojournalistic style to create beautiful images quickly and effectively.    I have found that combining a photojournalistic style to the natural moments and events where we shouldn't intrude with posed images (that include extended family portraiture and romantic portraiture with the bride and groom that just will not happen naturally) will offer you a more complete presentation of images to satisfy you and your family.  I will find lovely moments unlooked for and capture them as I can.  However, I realize to fully document your wedding day (and to create images worthy of your wall) I must utilize every tool and location we can find.




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Travel Policies

  •  Lexington wedding photography, no restrictions

  • Within one half hour driving of Richmond, KY, no restrictions

  • more than 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours of driving, mimimum purchase of $1,200 or add $50 mileage fee.
  • 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours driving - Minimum purchase of $1,650 and I may request stay over accommodations. Travel time is NOT subtracted from the package time.  We are onsite shooting for all hours listed in the package.

  • More than 3 hours driving - Minimum purchase of $2,000, provide air travel for 1 or 2 (photographer / assistant) and hotel or family home accommodations.  We arrive on Thursday (to assure arrival of shipped photography equipment) and are available on Friday for portraiture & rehearsal dinner photography (fee not required for rehearsal coverage).


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The Wedding Day

I work very hard to capture all the images you request in an appealing and artistic style.  I also strive to help you enjoy your day without constant interference from from me.  I offer a highly professional service.  I have years of experience in coaxing family and wedding party members into being ready for our pre-ceremony images without being bossy or pushy.  I am quick at pinning on boutonnières and I know how to bustle wedding dresses.  I carry a sewing kit and pins for emergencies.  I will act as liaison between you and the band leader or DJ to be sure all planned reception events occur as you wish.  These are items I will have discussed fully with you at your Photography Itinerary session.  I also have a list of your reception photo requests, so I will not expect you to lead me around the reception pointing out images to be made.  When I plan your photography with you, I will ask you for two people (one who knows his friends and one that knows yours) to help me find people in your requested group shots.  These will include out of town guests, families that we didn't get before the ceremony, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, work friends, college or high school friends, etc.  These are all groups we have discussed beforehand and will not need to interrupt your mingling or dancing to get those shots.  My goal is make the day proceed as smoothly as possible, without delays, so that we can create the greatest images possible.



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Album Design and Wedding Orders

     If your friends and families are spread far and wide, you may wish to take advantage of our on-line ordering system.  I can load all the images from your wedding onto this site and eliminate the need for you to mail your previews around the country, or worse, select images yourself for your family.   If some friends or family don't have internet access, I can create a CD-ROM of your wedding for them to order from.

 Your album design will also be created in my studio, I don't outsource to an album mill that makes every album look the same.  My designer will take your favorite images and arrange them on screen for you to see exactly how your finished album will look.

When your designer album is complete, I offer you the opportunity to purchase this album design for parents or grandparents at a greatly reduced price in our Layflat Albums and Books format.




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